Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last Day!

 ADIOS! wow what a time...i must say quite the culture shock for a kid that has never lived in a town of more than 3000 people...off to Heathrow we go bound for the good ol USA...turns out the trip home would be a bit hairier than the journey over...8 1/2 hour flight to chicago cuz volcanoes on iceland are erupting, 3+ hour layover in chicago because of weather, and finally arriving in denver at 1 am...im so glad i only had to go to cheyenne cuz i heard the bus ride home was a bear sorry :( funny thing tho when i got up monday morning i was watching the news and found out the a tornado had hit missouri and when we were waiting in chicago they wanted to reroute us thru missouri think we dodged a bullet there....

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